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If you don't know or have recently discovered Evolverman, here's your shortcut to accessing a wide collection of works by one of the Irish underground's most talented, yet highly enigmatic electronica artists.

With an impressively varied catalogue of vastly creative works that range from leftfield ambience to downtempo jazz, it's hard to know where to start when building or expanding your Evolverman library. With the new subscription option for True Blue EvoManiacs; problem SOLVED.

Your annual subscription grants your Bandcamp fan account access to stream all present and forthcoming Evolverman releases via your Bandcamp mobile and web Apps, as well as direct artist-to-fan communication and interaction. In addition, you'll receive access to exclusive subscriber content like demos, live recordings, interviews, AND a recurring 15% discount on all physical merch you buy. On top of everything else, you'll receive a free DOWNLOAD of 5 subscriber-only Evolverman tracks just to beef up your library.

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Dublin, Ireland
Ambient and experimental producer from Ireland.

Soulful downtempo mostly.

Some mutant rock.

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